In 2011 Jack McCaffrey and Tyler Gehauf partnered to create IPM.  Colorado needed a local pest control company designed exclusively for health care, food service and hospitality businesses.

IPM sought to provide discreet pest-elimination services needed without the standard corporate disconnect.  No “1-800, press 1 for English, hold for the next available representative” here… Great service at a fair price was and still is the goal.  We have always felt like one cockroach is one too many cockroaches.  And we know an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to mice.  We believe our customers deserve to have our cell phone numbers.  We think you get what you pay for when it comes to materials and people.

Pest control in Colorado Springs is different than Pueblo, which are both different than Denver.  Our team enjoys working with businesses and individuals who demand a Eco-friendly, environmentally-responsible solution, without having to sacrifice a pest-free environment.  IPM meets that need, just ask our customers!

Superior communication is the foundation on which the IPM-client relationship is built.  From the sales process to the online client portal, IPM delivers premium service with the best people and best materials available.  We look forward to working with any business who feels “one” is too many and old-fashioned customer service is still in style.