“Our company has been using IPM since 2013 and we couldn’t be happier. Tyler and Jack are not only wonderful to work with but get the job done. Would highly recommend them to anyone for commercial or for household use.”

The MINING Exchange

Entertainment and Dining Services


Superior communication is the foundation on which the IPM-client relationship is built. From the sales process to the online customer portal, IPM delivers premium service and clear communication in every facet of every interaction.


In today’s ultra-connected society, facilities can’t afford to wait until problems occur to fix them. Sadly, the issue may be on TripAdvisor or Yelp before the General Manager even knows about it. IPM provides not only a proactive pest plan, but also monthly structural and sanitation inspections for conditions conducive to pest activity.

Club and Athletics Services


Dead bugs in the hallway might look good to a homeowner, but we know the hospitality industry just wants a pest-free environment: no bugs, dead or alive. IPM stops crawling insects before they come in by treating the exterior perimeter of your facility and spot treating harborage areas. This also keeps our technician from walking the entire interior, improving guest experience and keeping the interior application of pesticides to a minimum.

Rodent bait stations provide both a method of control and a means of monitoring the exterior rodent population. We use only premium, made in USA rat and mouse stations. We use premium soft bait, not wax-based blocks, for maximum bait acceptance. Our stations are weighted or staked to the ground and we have several “landscape” stations for use in visually sensitive areas. Of course we still use interior traps in the highest pest-pressure areas, such as receiving, food prep, and mechanical rooms.

Room Service


IPM has created a process to eliminate bed bugs which is nearly perfect. By rotating residual pesticides with multiple modes of action, combining an IGR and flushing agent, IPM guarantees complete elimination and backs that guarantee for 100 days.


Ever have a false alarm? False claims of bed bugs cost facilities in dollars and reputation. We help separate the actual claims from the lint balls, carpet beetles, box elder bugs and boogers. Our techs are available seven days a week- just send a picture or schedule an inspection. We also can provide a bed bug identification and behavior class to your housekeeping staff at no charge as a first line of defense.

” Over the last 7 years, IPM has worked closely to foster one of the best Vendor Relationships we have had the pleasure of maintaining in our course of business. Operating the 2nd Largest Hotel in Colorado Springs- a 500-Guest Room & 50,000 sq. feet of Meeting Space Facility with 3 full-service restaurants, we have encountered many opportunities to utilize IPM’s services over the years. IPM prides itself on delivering prompt, highly professional, integral customer service to each of its clients and this is precisely what we have experienced! They are always only a call away for anything needed, even outside their realm of coverage and providing excellent recommendations for other business professionals in alternative industries. I can say without hesitation that IPM’s Team of professionals are some of the very best I have worked with in my 15 years of industry experience. IPM will give 110% in their commitment to taking care of YOU their most valuable partnership. I highly recommend using this business in your corporate needs- whether small or large scale, as the quality of work, dependability of communication at all hours of the Day/Night, and integral business practices are second to none.”