IPM took over my entire portfolio of commercial properties at the beginning of 2015. I was tired of dealing with call centers when I had issues with pest control service, and I wanted to work with someone local.  Tyler’s expertise in this industry and his personal response to any question or issue is fantastic!  It’s nice to know who I am talking to on the other side of the phone, and know that the service at the properties is exemplary.  I would recommend IPM to anyone.

Jeremiah Nease, CPM® Griffis/Blessing Inc.


Why your Rodent Program Matters

Rats and mice are an indication of unsanitary conditions. Given their history of spreading disease, it’s easy to see why they can frighten customers. Just one rodent sighting can easily drive a customer away for good, or result in inspection evaluations that negatively impact, or even shut down your business. Rodents also destroy valuable food inventory and their gnawing and burrowing can cause costly structural damage.

Did you know? 

Because they often live and travel in garbage, sewers and other unsanitary areas, rodents can spread bacteria and illnesses such as Salmonella, E. coli and dysentery.

Rodent Elimination Grounded in Science

IPM consistently delivers science-based pest prevention solutions to protect your facility from rodents. Our integrated interior/exterior program for rats and mice utilizes patented rodent station technology. In addition, discreet traps and regular inspection and monitoring are proven effective at preventing rodents from entering your facility. Our indoor and outdoor defense system includes:

• Expert inspection
• Patented traps and bait stations
• Discreet equipment 

 IPM’s pest program, combined with our outside-in approach, consistent service delivery, action-driven reporting, unmatched pest expertise and educational resources help you prevent rodents and other pests. With Integrated Pest Management as your pest elimination partner, you can be sure you are maintaining a pest-free facility.


Why your Fly Program Matters

In addition to being a nuisance to customers, flies spread illness-causing bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli and Staphylococcus Aureus. Even a small number of flies in your operation can quickly contaminate food, jeopardizing its safety and putting your operation and customers at risk. 

Fly Elimination Grounded in Science

Integrated Pest Management consistently delivers science-based pest prevention solutions to help reduce fly activity in and around your facility. Our comprehensive fly defense system provides discreet, proactive protection from flying insects through exterior barrier treatments and baits, fly lights, and targeted interior applications which minimize fly activity. Our comprehensive program includes:

• Thorough inspections
• Treatments in your dumpster area
• Effective and discreet fly lights

 IPM’s comprehensive pest program, combined with our outside-in approach, consistent service and pest expertise help you prevent large flies and other pests. With IPM as your pest elimination partner, you can be confident you are maintaining a pest-free facility.

Did you know?

One housefly can carry 1.9 million bacteria!

As a residential HOA manager, hiring knowledgeable, reliable and affordable contractors to care for my communities is one of my primary responsibilites — and challenges. In today’s full employment economy, it’s really tough finding service providers who meet my requirements and standards. My own reputation rests on the quality and integrity of those who I hire. Thankfully, pest management and mitigation is not something I have to worry about. Tyler Gehauf and his team at IPM (Integrated Pest Management) quickly respond to pest invasions. IPM also offers affordable monthly maintenance plans that keep my communities bug and rodent free without busting the operating budget. I highly recommend IPM to any HOA manager whose residents expect a pest-free environment.

Chuck Fowler, CMCA

As a Commercial Property Manager it is imperative to find reliable, honest, and efficient vendors. I was using another pest control company and was not entirely happy with the job they were doing. Let’s be honest, vendors make us look good when they are performing according to or exceeding expectations. Integrated Pest Management has quickly become one of the vendors who I have grown to rely on. I have been using them since 2017 and I have yet to be disappointed. From pigeon deterrent, rodent control, referral for Flicker deterrents, to monthly pest control services, Integrated Pest Management has handled all of the pest control needs I have come across. I cannot imagine using another company since I have found one that gets the job done right the first time.

Jennifer Caplia, Senior Commercial Property and Association Manager