IPM has an industry-leading guarantee:

We will re-service as needed for any termite activity in a structure we treated at no charge for five years from the date of the initial service!


“Termidor® eliminates termites by both ingestion and contact. Based on the active ingredient, fipronil, Termidor® is non-repellent and undetectable to termites. It works through the proven and unique “Transfer Effect ™ ”. T he pests move freely through treated areas, unknowingly ingesting, picking up and transferring Termidor® throughout the population.”


The people treating your property make a huge difference! IPM uses premium products and equipment to provide a service done right the first time.

Not all termite treatments are the same. IPM uses the newest products and technologies to create a barrier around the structure for 10 or more years without the need for and cost of recurring service.

Termite Damage Examples Below


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