Bed Bug Service


We Guarantee elimination of Bed bugs!

IPM has created a process to eliminate bed bugs which is nearly perfect. By rotating residual pesticides with multiple modes of action, combining an IGR and flushing agent, IPM guarantees complete elimination and backs that guarantee for 100 days.

ID is Key

Ever have a false alarm? False claims of bed bugs cost facilities in dollars and reputation. We help separate the actual claims from the lint balls, carpet beetles, box elder bugs and boogers. Our techs are available seven days a week- just send a picture or schedule an inspection. We also can provide a bed bug identification and behavior class to your housekeeping staff at no charge as a first line of defense.


48 hour turn around time

Oversold? We release rooms 24 hours after service, in most cases. This speed and efficiency, on top of our 24 hour emergency service guarantee, means that rooms are only off market for a night or two. We know that time and efficacy are the two main concerns in the hospitality industry when it comes to bed bug eradication. Don’t worry! We’ll have you back to capacity in no time.

Did you know?

An unsuccessful bed bug treatment won’t be detected for 21-60 days. This is because a botched treatment usually is still effective on the majority of the adult population. However, the next generation of bed bugs will emerge from their eggs a week later, too small to detect. In most cases will take a couple feeding and molting cycles before another guest notices they are being bitten. Each of these cycles is at least another week. So think twice before selecting a company with a 30 day warranty!

“Can you come and spray a room?” Nope.

Inspect, Identify, Prescribe, Treat, Follow-up.

We follow a strict, tried and true protocol. We want to get it right the first time, not spray and pray!