Rodent Program

Why Your Rodent Program Matters


Rats and mice indicate unsanitary conditions to most people. Given their history of spreading disease, it’s easy to see why they can frighten customers.  Just one rodent sighting can easily drive a customer away for good.  Or worse, it could result in a negative online review, or heath inspection evaluations that negatively impact, or even shut down, your business.  Rodents also destroy valuable food inventory.  Their gnawing, burrowing and excriment cause costly structural and sanitation damage as well. 

 Did you know? 

Because they often live and travel in garbage, sewers and other unsanitary areas, rodents can spread bacteria and illnesses such as Salmonella, E. coli and dysentery.

 Rodent Elimination Grounded in Science

IPM consistently delivers science-based pest prevention solutions to protect your facility from rodents.  Our integrated interior and exterior program for rats and mice prevent most rodents and trap the rest.  Discreet bait stations and traps, regular site inspections and monitoring are proven methods of preventing rodents from entering your facility.  Our indoor and outdoor program includes:

• Expert structural and sanitation inspection
• Industrial-grade, premium traps and bait stations
• Regular pest trend analysis

IPM’s rodent program, combined with our outside-in approach, top-notch service delivery, 24 hour guarantee, industry-specific pest expertise and educational resources help you prevent rats and mice. With Integrated Pest Management as your pest elimination partner, you can be sure you are maintaining a pest-free facility.